Garlic (Rasona)

Botanical name – Allium Sativum

Family – Liliaceae

English name – Garlic

Sanskrit name – Lasuna, Rasons

Garlic is considered as best among the vata decreasing drugs. It is extensively described for rheumatism. However it should not be administered in case of Pitta and raktha aggravated conditions. Some Physicians forbidden the following while consuming garlic: Alcohol, fish, sour substance, exposure to hot son, heavy exercise, anger, excessive intake of water, milk and jiggery.

Taste – sweet and salt

Potency – hot

Action – reduce vata and kapha, increase Pitta and Rakta

Arthritis, Abdominal discomfort, indigestion, breathing difficulty, cough

Part used – Bulb and oil

Dosage – Paste 3- 4 gm; oil 2- 4 drops

Important preparations
Lasunadi vati, Hingutriguna tailam, Rasona rasayanm, Lasunady ghrutham

Therapeutic use
Fried garlic in gingili oil is very effective all abdominal discomfort.

Very effective in increased cholesterol

Garlic paste with boiled is good back ache and depression

Garlic paste with honey is effective in warms, obesity, and hypertension

Garlic juice with milk highly effective in uterine discharge.