Murivenna oil

Murivenna Oil is an effective Ayurvedic medicine used both for external and internal administration. It is renowned oil for non healing wounds, fractures and sprains. This oil is based on Kerala Ayurvedic medicine. It is prepared in coconut oil base.
Murivenna uses:
It is used for application over fresh wounds, old non healing wounds. It quickens the process of wound healing.

It also relieves pain and inflammation in fractures and sprains.
It is a very good pain relieving oil.

It is useful in arthritis pain.
Highly useful in sports injury it is used for oil massage.

It is used for Pichu oil procedure, wherein cotton swabs are dipped in this oil and applied over joints and sprain areas for quick pain relief.

For internal administration, it is given in a dosage of 10 – 15 drops once or two times a day with warm water, before food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

How to apply Murivenna on sprain and painful areas?
Apply it with very gentle massage for 15 minutes. Leave it on the place for half an hour. After that, you can either wash it off or leave it on.
You can apply two times a day.

Murivenna oil side effects:
People with high lipid levels, diabetes, high BP should use this oil for internal administration, only under professional advice.

Companies that manufacture this oil –
AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt. Ltd
Aluva Pharmacy
Pankaja Kasturi
Sree Sankara

Murivenna oil Ingredients:
Keratailam – Coconut oil
Juice of
Karanja – Pongamia glabra
Tuka – Spermacoce articularis
Tambula – Piper betle
Kumari – Aloe vera
Shigru – Moringa oliefera
Paribhadra – Erythrina variegata
Palandu – Onion – Allium cepa
kanjika – Fermented liquid
Paste of
Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus
For a yoga student murivenna is very useful. During the asana practice pain, swelling, sprain, abrasions, fracture all the condition murivenna can apply externally.

Murivenna reference: Yogagrantham