Suppression of Vomiting

According to ayurveda suppression of natural urges is one of the main causes for all the diseases. There are 14 urges they are given below

1. Letting out flatus
2. Belching
3. Defecation
4. Maturation
5. Sneezing
6. Thirst
7. Hunger
8. Sleep
9. Cough
10. Panting
11. Yawning
12. Mimetic lecrimation
13. Vomiting
14. Sexual urge

Suppression of Vomiting
Vomiting reflex, when held, causes visarapa(cellulitis), kotha(urticaria), kushta(skin disorders), akshi roga(diseases of Eyes), kandu(itching of body), panduroga (anemia), jwara(fever), kasa(cough), svasa(asthma), hrillasa(acidity), vyanga(hyper pigmentation of skin), svayatu(oedema).

1. Gandusham – gargling of mouth with medicated water or oil

2. Dhumapanam – inhalation of herbal smoke

3. Anahara – fasting and intake of dry food

4. Vyayama – exercises

5. Raktamoksha – blood – letting

6. Virechana – purgation are advised in diseases caused by suppression vomiting. So don’t suppress when you feel vomit. All the diseases may occur due to forcible expedition and suppression of natural urges.