Why should yogi and patient excreted stool and urine?

When stool and urine are excreted heart, stomach and mind become clear. Dosha traverse in their right pathways, belching become clear, hunger begins and vata functions properly, digestive power increases, the body becomes light and capable of perceiving the senses; food is to be taken, as it is the right time scientifically recommended for food intake.

Dosha vitiated due to vitiated rasa (the first dathu, essence of food). The vitiated dosha vitiate dathus (tissue) and both vitiate malas. The vitiated the excretory pathways.

Constipation remedies
Grape juice
Apple juice
Lemon juice 10ml + rock salt 5gm + 65 ml warm water
Gastro oil 25 ml with war water or hot water
Avipathy choornam 15 with hot water
Thrivruth lehyam 10gm
Abhayarishitam 30 ml
Danyarishitam 30 ml

Difficulty in passing urine remedies
Tender coconut water
Cucumber juice
Water melon juice
Coriander water
Barely water
Chandra prabha gulika
Goshurady gulika